Our Programme of Autism Awareness Courses are ready to be delivered in the New Year via Zoom ( UK wide ) or Face to Face (Cumbria) in small groups.

Please contact us to register your interest and the area you live .

Autism – It’s Part of Me – CPD Accredited so you also get a certificate

This course has been written and developed by Daniella, An Autistic Adult and is aimed at  Adults with a diagnosis of Autism (Aspergers). It is delivered by a small Team of Autistic Adults in small groups with opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and coping strategies.

This course is designed to help Autistic Adults to understand their own Autism and recognise how Autism affects them and together explore ways to cope and recognise their strengths.

Autism – It’s Part of Them

This course has been written by Susan, mum to Daniella and is aimed at Family members/ Friends/Carers/Support Workers of Adults with a diagnosis of Autism (Aspergers). It is delivered in small groups by a Team consisting of one or more Non Autistic Family Members and an Autistic Adult.

This course is designed to help Family Members/Carers/Friends/Support Workers to understand how autism affects their loved one and share experiences. There will be opportunities to ask questions

Autism – It’s Part of Us

This course has been co-written by Non Autistic Family members and Autistic Adults to bring together the Attendees of the other courses in small groups and together understand more about Individuals’ Autism and ask questions.