Short Term Aims

  • To get to know more of the Adult Autistic Community in North & West Cumbria, especially those who have not engaged with other services, and together find solutions for gaps in service.
  • To facilitate weekly lunches for Autistic Adults in Penrith
  • To raise Awareness of Team Autism Services to the community
  • To co-produce an Autism Awareness Training Programme designed for Parents and Families of Autistic Adults and deliver the Programme throughout Cumbria
  • Fundraising to subsidise cost of services to those on low incomes

Medium Term Aims

  • To campaign for, fundraise for and open an Autism Hub in Penrith as a safe autism friendly space and a “ one stop shop” and café/meeting place for Autistic Adults without Learning Disabilities in Cumbria to source information, training, meet others, and eventually have attached supported living accommodation
  • To Set up Support Trios for Parents of Autistic Adults with no other support to share experiences, and have a mutual understanding.
  • To Set up Support / Friendship Trios for Autistic Adults with similar interests
  • To facilitate weekly Lunches for Autistic Adults throughout North & West Cumbria
  • To facilitate Social Events and Trips for Autistic Adults
  • To facilitate Social Events for Parents of Autistic Adults

Long Term Aims

  • To set up Sustainable structures for self help and support among the Autistic Community in Cumbria
  • To Fundraise and To open a B&B For Autistic Adults to holiday independently, and feel comfortable in an Autistic friendly setting away from home. To be serviced by Autistic adults, giving them work experience and skills in Hospitality, Catering, Admin and Housekeeping.
  • To raise awareness of Autism in Cumbria


  • The Main objectives of Team Autism –
  • To help Autistic Adults without Learning Disabilities and their families
  • To help Autistic Adults to be more socially included in Society
  • Autistic Adults and their families to have more understanding of the Individuals’ Autism and how it affects their daily living
  • For Autistic Adults to gain the life skills and coping mechanisms to be more independent
  • Raise awareness with employers so that reasonable adjustments can be made to sustain employment

AUTISM AFFECTS AT LEAST 1 in 100, and this figure is rising. Cumbria’s population is approx. 500,000. Cumbria County Council (2020) figures show that there are 5,353 Adults in Cumbria with Autism, but fewer are known to Services.