TEAM AUTISM ……The Journey

Susan had friends who were autistic and thought she knew a lot about autism. Whilst working in Retirement Housing, Susan had a communication breakdown with an Autistic Resident which led her to pursue Autism Awareness Training.

Susan attended an Autism Awareness Course delivered by Helen Storey MBE, founder of Triple A Project. During the course, Susan realised that her own daughter, Daniella could be Autistic. Daniella met Helen and became a volunteer at Triple A, not thinking she was autistic, until she also attended the course and said it explained her whole life.

The path to getting a diagnosis was long and extremely frustrating. After 2 years, Daniella was diagnosed Autism  (Aspergers) and passionately co-delivered Autism Awareness Training with Helen and others.

Susan volunteered with Triple A which led to part time, then full time employment as a Project Support Co-ordinator. She threw herself into learning as much about Autism as she could, attending many courses and an Open University Course. In all honesty, Susan learned and understood more about Autism by spending a lot of time with Autistic Adults.

Covid-19 Lockdowns were challenging times and Daniella and  Susan set up Whatsapp groups, Zoom meetings and social activities to keep in contact with everyone.

She realised that Services and support for Autistic Adults without a Learning Disability in Cumbria was lacking and there were long waiting lists for any services offered.

Susan was inspired and encouraged by Friends and Professional contacts to set up a Community Interest Company to serve the Autistic Community in Cumbria……….So here we are !