These are some of the comments that we have received from people. they wanted to stay anonymous but we have the emails and WhatsApp messages to verify them if questioned.

“It was refreshing to talk to Susan. As a parent of an Autistic Adult she understood my difficulties communicating with my Autistic daughter. I have put into practice the hints and tips that she gave me and it has made a difference already. I am looking forward to the course for parents. Well done Team Autism – keep up the good work “

“ Thank you for making ‘Team Autism’ happen….your support is greatly appreciated”

“ Team Autism helped to organise an OT to visit my home to look at aids and adaptations that I can use. Thank you”

“Thank you Team Autism, the help you have given me to understand my autism has changed my life and given me much more confidence”

“  such a relief to talk to people that really understand about Autism. Team Autism have given me hope that all is not bad after recently getting my autism diagnosis. I am looking forward to attending their ‘Autism – It’s Part of Me’ Course.”

“ It’s nice to be able to meet and socialise with other autistic adults. This has helped me gain more insight into my own autism but also to be able to appreciate the different perspectives and challenges of others. It is a place where you are able to be yourself and feel relaxed”

“ I struggle to talk to people on the phone. I prefer to meet people face to face. I have had trouble claiming PIP and with Susan’s help, have now been able to access the funding I was due.”

“ Daniella has written a course for Autistic Adults “Autism – It’s Part of Me “ and I was very impressed by her knowledge, honesty, and her delivery. I am excited about getting training to be able to deliver this course to other autistic adults “

“ Team Autism Lunch Club in Penrith gave my mum time to herself while I was there”

”It is a much needed service that you are providing. Well done Team Autism”